We offer expertise in:

  • Formative research
  • Evaluation research
  • Theory-based interventions
  • Rapid assessments
  • In-depth assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Program planning
  • Project management
  • Communication for development
  • Cross-cultural tools
  • Local capacity building
  • Local technical assistance
  • Results dissemination
  • Identifying best practices

We work to allow people to learn, adapt and make changes in their lives and communities.  
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Using a social-ecological approach and practical tools, we can:

We offer expertise in:

The Center for Social Well-Being and Development is a chartered research center at the George Washington University.
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Assess contributing factors for health and social development problems. 

Integrate program planning across sectors to address multiple contributing factors with efficiency.

Develop evidence-based programs that can be used to intervene at strategic points in a web of contributing factors.

Evaluate to determine whether a program or policy is effective in improving the targeted health or social development problem and changing the contributing factors.

Disseminate the results and best practices from effective programs.

Build local or indigenous capacity to scale sustainable programs.