​Equitable access to education and supportive social resources.

Access to adequate health information, prevention and treatment.

An understanding that health, social development and rights goals are more likely to be attained as

social well-being increases.

The exercise of, and respect for, social, cultural and religious identities.

​An understanding of the way in which the multiple aspects of social well-being function together.

Increased access to economic resources and opportunities.

Photo by:  Elayn Sammon

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The Center for Social Well-Being and Development is a chartered center at the George Washington University. 

The Center for Social Well-Being and Development collaborates with local partners, as well as national, regional and global organizations, to promote social well-being as a means of addressing identified health, social development and rights issues.

We use specific tools to build and improve programs, policies, social infrastructure, and resources to grow a healthy community.

​Our work strives to promote: